The Maintenance Steps You Need to Take to be CDC Compliant for Reopening after COVID19 & Beyond

In this new world of infection control, it's vital to not only know the why, but the how. ProEdge leverages its 15+ years experience in dental waterline testing and treatment to make sure you know exactly what the science shows us about waterline treatment and testing.

COVID19 Reopen Protocol_Mockup

At the end of this webinar, you will:

  1. Know what's necessary to have clean waterlines for COVID19 reopening
  2. Understand why biofilm development can be challenging
  3. Know the latest research in waterline treatment protocol efficacy
  4. Gain tips & tricks for efficient and cost-effective waterline maintenance
  5. Know exactly what it takes to be CDC compliant

2 CE in infection control will be available via a downloadable E-Book CE Quiz (self-study).


This webinar is free of charge.



Wednesday, June 10th at 6pm MST

"I have participated in many, many courses during this time and this is by far the most informative course yet. Thank you!"

Lisa A. Dental Hygienist