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The CDC standards for safe water are clear - regular monitoring of your dental waterlines is essential to a waterline maintenance protocol.

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CDC Standard of Safety for Waterlines

After repeated infection outbreaks in Georgia and California that harmed at least 90 children were traced directly to contaminated waterlines, the attention to waterline safety is increasing.

Dental boards are holding practices accountable to the CDC checklist for Infection Prevention which outlines the following guidelines:

Personal & Patient Care Practices:

  1. Dental unit waterline treatment products/devices are used to ensure water meets EPA regulatory standards for drinking water (i.e., ≤ 500 CFU/mL of heterotrophic water bacteria) for routine dental treatment output water.

  2. Product manufacturer instructions (i.e., waterline treatment product, dental unit manufacturer) are followed for monitoring [testing] the water quality.

  3. Sterile saline or sterile water is used as a coolant/irrigant when performing surgical procedures.

Policies & Procedures:

  1. Policies and procedures are in place for maintaining dental unit water quality that meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulatory standards for drinking water (i.e., ≤ 500 CFU/mL of heterotrophic water bacteria) for routine dental treatment output water.

  2. Policies and procedures are in place for using sterile water as a coolant/irrigant when performing surgical procedures all waterlines quarterly to confirm standard is met.

  3. Written policies and procedures are available outlining response to a community boil-water advisory.



Determine the number of waterlines and operatories you need to test every 90 days/quarter. Choose the test kit plan with the corresponding number of vials. Then ask yourself if you want to add the option for free return shipping included. Generally, this is a more convenient and economical option for practices without their own shipping agreement. Test kits for retesting are not included in the subscription.


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Test kits for retesting are not included in the subscription.



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