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Protecting your Patients and Your Practice
- Effective Waterline Treatment & Testing -

(1/7 & 2/4) @ 1:00Pm-2:00Pm PT

These webinars are regularly $15 but are FREE to you! Use code: SAFEWATER


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In this new world of infection control, it's vital to not only know the why, but the how. Leveraging the latest research and scientific understanding, Kellie Thimmes and her team bring 15+ years' experience in dental waterline testing and treatment to make sure you know exactly what the science shows us about effective waterline treatment and testing.

At the end of this webinar, you will:

  1. Know how to ensure safe waterline post-COVID19 shutdowns
  2. Understand why biofilm development can be challenging
  3. Know the latest research in waterline treatment protocol efficacy
  4. Gain tips & tricks for efficient and cost-effective waterline maintenance
  5. Know what it takes to be CDC compliant and how to protect your practice

These webinars are regularly $15 but are FREE to you! Use code: SAFEWATER

1 Live CE in infection control will be available at the end of each webinar.

ProEdge will provide each attendee with a gift at the end of the webinar!

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Washington Academy of General Dentistry
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